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Simple Server Status Dashboard using PHP and jQuery

Simple Server Status Dashboard using PHP and jQuery

Having a work experience student has given me the opportunity to work on projects I would otherwise not make time for. 

This week Cameron and I put together a simple server status dashboard, which is available for all to see on the web at this address:


We built a simple HTML page, styled to match my website, which contains 3 columns - 1 for each key performance criteria.

The page requests data from a simple PHP script which is then used to populate the page with new information, including adjusting the colours of the blocks to represent the health of the server.

New data is collected every 3 seconds, so the page remains up to date without having to be 'refreshed'.

My website hosting is provided and managed by Bytemark in York who have done a fantastic job supporting my business for nearly 2 years. Their excellent hardware and knowledgable staff have ensurred the hosting I offer my clients is as robust as any comparable service. I am delighted with the support Bytemark have provided over the last few months. It's a wait off my mind!

Don't forget to make time for those little side projects on your 'to do' list - they may not earn you anything directly, but they're a great way of exploring new techniques and improving your skills.