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Moon and Balloon, Whitby

Moon and Balloon, Whitby

Craig and Hero setup their emboirdery business on Whitby's historic Grape Lane at the end of 2016. They contacted me with a request to design and build a flexible website which would accommodate all kinds of information and adaptations as their business grows and develops over the coming months and years.

Perch - The Flexible CMS

I built the site using Perch, a highly flexible yet easy to use content management system. Craig and Hero can edit all the content themselves, ensuring they can always keep their site up to date.

Bespoke Coat Ordering System

They also wanted to be able to sell bespoke dog coats online. There are some of their most popular items in store and enabling visitors to create their own design and pay online means Craig and Hero can broaden their reach.

I developed a bespoke ordering system, taking the shopper through every stage of the design - from the type of coat, to the colour, text and emblems they want to include within the design.

Stripe Payments

The dog coat ordering system uses stripe.com to process payments. Stripe provides an amazingly simple interface for entering card and address details, and is straight forward to implement. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to take payments online.

Responsive and Secure

The site is responsive - adapting to all screen sizes from desktop to mobile. It is also secure, utilising modern SSL technologies to ensure all information passed between visitors and the website is encrypted.

Visit the Site

You can view the site here: