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Archive of: 2012

Megan's Pop-Up Shop

After a few weeks of frantic making, Megan (my wife) has launched her new website and handmade textile products business this weekend with a 'pop-up shop'. 

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Visiting MIMA by Rail

Today we decided we'd have a day out and do something a bit different.  We departed Whitby Station on the 8:50am train to Middlesbrough - a journey I haven't made since visiting friends who lived up the Esk Valley while we were at school.

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New site for The Moorings

A few years ago I desgined a site for a holiday cottage in Staithes.  As in most professions, improvement at whatever it is you do is (almost) innevitable as time passes.  Sites I built in the past rarely reflect my current methods so I am pleased when I get the opportunity to redesign and rebuild an existing site.

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Gundog Training Holidays

One of my existing clients got in touch a few weeks ago to discuss a new venture they're setting up from their home in the Esk Valley.  Tonight I published their site's holiding page (which gives an outline of their idea whilst we work on the full website) and setup their Twitter account.

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Teesside Steelworks at South Gare

Over the past 10 months or so I've been working with a new company, based in both the UK and Ireland, who work with large companies to reduce the amount of waste heading to landfill and in so doing provide a range of alternative fuels for power stations or production plants as well as providing reusable materials for recycling plants.

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Lomo Effect in Photoshop

We went to the beach yesterday, down at Sandsend, for a bit of fresh air at the end of the day.  Today I thought I'd have a go at applying a kind of lomo effect to one of the photographs I took.  Lomography is a photography movement based around the use of experimental 35mm film cameras, known generally for their high contrast and saturation.  Originating in Russia, Lomo cameras are still in production today and are increasingly popular.

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Out in the Country

I've been told that sometimes I have a bit of a negative tone in the way that I write, even if I have greatly enjoyed something.  So, I'm just going to say it as plainly as I can here: I've just had a great weekend.

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5 Years On

5 years ago today, Megan and I got married in Robin Hood's Bay Methodist Church.  Today we visited the church together for the first time since that day.  Now with three children and a business to run, the person and professional change which has occured during our married life is self-evident.  It's been a fun, and fast, five years and I'm very much looking forward to the next.

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New Office Day #1

Having moved into our new home at the end of July, it's taken a few more weeks to get our internet connection turned on and the office moved from our old address.  Yesterday was my first full day in the new office, having moved everything in on Monday.  It feels like it's been a long time coming, and with the ups and downs of this year it's nice to be starting some new projects in a new office.

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CMYK to 100% Black in Illustrator

It's not often that I use 100% black in a design, but sometimes there's a requirement for it.  Recently I've been working on a flyer for a new car park in Whitby on behalf of one of my clients.  Having finished the artwork, I sent a PDF version to the printers. 

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