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2013 - A Year in Review

Christmas is just around the corner and with Walk Through Bethlehem being setup tomorrow and running over the weekend, and a wedding to photograph on Tuesday, I feel just about ready to press 'shutdown' and close the office for the Christmas break.  I'll be 'out of the office' from next Tuesday (Christmas Eve) lunchtime and will probably be back at work full time from Monday 6th January, so if you call or email me during this time you many not get an immediate reply!

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Ben and Louise's Wedding in Whitby

Earlier in the year I met up with Louise Ryan and her mum to discuss photographing Louise's wedding here in Whitby in October.  They had been less than impressed with another photographer who had been recommended to them and were keen to find someone they felt more comfortable with and who would meet Louise's photographic expectations on the day.

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Whitby Brewery - Craft Brewery on the Coast

A while ago a family me and my younger brother are friends with (since middle school days) started a small brewery in Whitby.  They've been brewing for almost 2 years now and their fine ales, beers and porters have been well received in and around Whitby, and much further afield at special events around the country.

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So that was October

That went fast!  It only seems 5 minutes since I was saying to Megan, 'Once you get to the end of September, Christimas seems to arrive in no time!' and here were are, the end of October already.

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DIBI 2013

Last week I travelled up to Newcastle for DIBI 2013.  I was looking forward to taking on some new ideas, especially in Monday's workshop on 'Designing for Mobile First' run by @htmlboy and @martuishere, and listening to some great speakers throughout Tuesday's main event.

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JBHost.co.uk Website Hosting

Back in May my web server suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure, compounded by a number of other software issues and various oversights on my part.  Having restored all the website through a variety of means, I decided I didn't want to experience (and probably wouldn't survive) another episode like that, and something had to be done.

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One Thirty-Five Forty

I did it - I actually beat my personal best half-marathon time, set in 2004 of 1:36:10, by 30 seconds.  And what's more, it was as much of a surprise to me as it was to those who knew what it meant to me to achieve that goal this year.

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Marc and Kayleigh's Wedding

A few weeks ago I was delighted to photograph Marc and Kayleigh's wedding in St. John's church in Sleights, near Whitby, followed by their reception at Kayleigh's parents house at the other end of the village.

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My Thoughts on Recent Web Security Revelations

Last week The Guardian published an article outlining the work of American and British intelligence agencies (NSA and GCHQ) to 'defeat internet securities'.  The details, gained from documents leaked by Edward Snowden, reveal how both security agencies have been spending millions on research programmes, intent on finding ways to break through standard internet security protocols, and even on working with technology companies to provide ways to enable the agencies to circumvent standard software security.

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Behind the Scenes

Whilst a lot of the work I do is visual, probably an equal, or perhaps greater amount of work goes into building the systems which run the websites or web applications that I produce for my clients.

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