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Archive of: 2014

The Curious Case of Bing and the Missing Links

A few weeks ago, a client of mine emailed to say that their websites had disappeared from Bing's search results.  They had had the 'top spot' for a number of keyword searches related to their business.

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Big News for Hosting Customers

Website hosting - it's a complicated business. And since becoming self-employed nearly 5 years ago, it's something I've dealt with on a daily basis. Keeping all my clients' websites online 24/7, ensuring the smooth running of hundreds of email accounts, multiple databases, backup schedules, security and more is no small task.

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A Weekend at Wolds Edge

Our new baby is due in a couple of weeks. Kindly, Megan's parents offered to look after the other children whilst Megan and I spent a couple of days in un-interupted peace and quiet over last weekend.

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A First Foray into Public Speaking

A week ago I found myself in the upstairs bar in The Pitcher & Piano on York's riverside.  There were about 30 people there and I was there to talk for a few minutes about my experiences creating and running a web design firm in Whitby, whilst raising a family.

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Take the Opportunities

In a couple of hours I'll be on my way to York, to catch a train to London.  Tonight I'll sleep in a Travelodge and tomorrow morning I'll join the rush-hour commuters darting across The Big Smoke, attempting to get to our destinations on time and unflustered.

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MailChimp API v2 Subsribe User (PHP)

It's been a while since I did anything with the MailChimp API, and now that they've upgraded to v2 my old code snippets don't work.  Today I needed to get www.robin-hoods-bay.co.uk advertisers to be automatically subscribed to the mailing their mailing list.  Here's the code:

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Rotate and Save a JPG in PHP

With the Robin Hood's Bay site now live I've been busy sorting out minor issues as the RHBTA advertisers have started managing their adverts and making the most of the new service.

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What is Responsive Design and Why Should I Care?

Last week I published a short video (see end of post) in which I tried to explain what 'responsive design' is, and why website owners should care about it.  Now that the website I used in the video is live, I thought I'd share it in a blog post, with some images from my phone and tablet, so you can really get a grasp of this technique, and understand how it would benefit your website, if it's not already responsive.

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Whitby A-Z Poster

I while ago I was inspired to design a poster for my home town of Whitby.  I love working on projects for clients - it gives fantastic variation to the work that I do and the kind of projects I undertake.  However, as a designer it's great to work on personal projects without strict deadlines, client constraints and so on.

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Practical Search Engine Optmisation Guide Part 2

Following on from my previous Practical Search Engine Optmisation post here some further ideas, tools and techniques you may be able to employ on your site in order to improve your sites search ranking:

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