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Why Can't I Sent Email From My iPad?

Well it's been ages since I wrote anything - being a one man band with a hectic 'real work' schedule and a family doesn't leave much time for thinking up informative/enjoyable/interesting blog posts.  However, I had a call from a client today and I thought the solution may help someone else out there, so I thought I'd write it down.

The Problem

The client has their email account set up on their iPad.  It's a personal URL (not a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc. account).  They could receive email fine, but not send out.  Messages just got stacked up in the Outbox, with little or no explanation.

The Solution

This may not work for everyone, it will depend in your server settings, but the iPad defaults to port 587.  I simply changed this to port 25 (within the outgoing mailserver settings) and the iPad started sending out. 

STMP ports is not something most non-technical users will be aware of, so I thought I'd put this online in case anyone's Googling for a solution.  I hope it helps someone.