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How Can I Share Files with Friends/Family?

I quite often get asked about the best way to share files.  Email is fairly useless at large file attachments (>10mb) - it's slow and few providers even accept 'large' attachments.

I've been using Dropbox for a while now.  It's really easy to setup and works seamlessly with Windows PCs or Macs (and all data can be accessed via the website too, so you don't even need your computer to access any data stored in Dropbox).

You can share folders with any number of other users, so why not have a 'Family Photos' folder and share it with parents, grandparents etc.?  Everyone gets 2GB of space free when they sign up, and you can pay a small amount for extra storage if required.

If you fancy trying it, click here to sign up - you'll be doing me a favour as I'll get extra storage when you register.  Thanks!

For more information about how it works, take a look at the Dropbox tour.