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Scarborough Creatives

Wednesday evening saw the first of what will hopefully become a semi-regular meetup of all kinds of creatives from the Scarborough/Whitby area.  Admittedly, I was the only attendee from as far afield as Whitby, but organising something locally at some point in the future seems highly likely.

Founded and organised by Lee Brook, the event was nothing more than a social get-together, a time to meet the people behind those Twitter avatars and email addresses we're so accustomed to dealing with these days.  For me personally, it was nice to get out of the office, and see some of the other local creatives who serve to make this area one of the most vibrant creative scenes around.

For more information, visit the Scarborough Creatives site at www.scarboroughcreatives.com or sign up and get involved at Meetup.com