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A Book Apart Library

A while ago I bought the very useful 'HTML5 for Web Designers' by Jeremy Keith - the first in a series of books published by Jeffrey Zeldman at A Book Apart.  Since reading that first book, I've not kept up with the rest of the series.  I think the worst thing about working alone most of the time is the lack of discussion about problems, whether technical or visual, and it's important for us freelancers to keep abreast of tools and techniques that enable us to do our job better.

Last week I ordered the entire A Book Apart series, in an effort to make up for lost ground, and so my reading marathon begins.  Not that it should take too long - the good thing about this series is that the books are brief and each is about a different and singular subject, making them easy to digest.

I'm looking forward to learning directly from some of the best in the business, trying out new techniques and ideas and gaining a broader knowledge of my industry as a whole.  It's easy to get tunnel vision, to stay in our 'comfort zones' and ignore change, so hopefully reading this series will enable me to push my own boundaries, to develop new skills and in turn provide a better service for my customers.