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Out in the Country

I've been told that sometimes I have a bit of a negative tone in the way that I write, even if I have greatly enjoyed something.  So, I'm just going to say it as plainly as I can here: I've just had a great weekend.

Megan booked me a weekend away at a place we like to go called Rivendell, in Pickering.  Not far from home, but quiet and peaceful and a great base from which to get out and enjoy the surrounding countryside.  So on Friday I finished work early, packed my bike, boots and Bible (amongst other necessities) and set off.

Having slept in until lunch time on Saturday (got to make the most of these opportunities) I set off for a leisurely ride around the local area.  I can't be entire sure of the route, but it was approximately this:

View Pickering Cycle Route in a larger map

It was great to get out and cycle somewhere different for a change.  I'd thought about going to Dalby, but I've been there several times before and thought it'd be pretty busy due to the good weather.

On Sunday I got out for a good walk in the afternoon, following this route from the Gazette and Herald.  Having got a little bit lost at step 2 (not sure where the style was?) I eventually ended up on the right track, walking up an overgrown path through wonderful natural woodland.  I'm no good at recognising wildlife, but I'm sure I saw some kind of massive eagle launching itself from a tree.

The route took my up through the woods to the main Whitby road (A169) where it crosses, passes through a field and down to follow Pickering Beck and the railway line back to town.  I think it took about 2 and a half hours and is well worth considering if you fancy a quiet walk - despite the weather being great, I think I only passed 3 other people on the entire route.

I couldn't resist making good use of a rope swing I found over Pickering Beck:


Working from home surrounded by a wonderful family certainly has it's perks - but sometimes it's nice to be alone, if only for a day or two, or even just a few hours, to enjoy some quiet and remember that there's more to life than paying bills.