Jack Barber / Website Design

Looking Forward to 2013

The festivities have now ended in our house.  The Christmas tree will be coming down today and the decorations put away.  

I had intended to get back to work on Wednesday (last).  However, with my inbox not filling up too rapidly, I decided to take the full week off, and have enjoyed every minute.  With three small children, Christmas is always going to be a fun, and busy, time of year and being able to make the most of holiday time is something I am grateful I have been able to do this year.

This week I have passed the milestone of three years in self-employment, having officially started my business on January 4th 2010.  I am pleased and thankful to have been able to provide for my family in this way for this length of time.  And I am looking forward to seeing what the next three years will bring.

First things first - I have a few personal projects to get out of the way at the start of this new year, including finishing my own website and producing some marketing materials, as well as a couple of new websites to create.  Then there are un-finished projects from 2012 to get on with, and then... whatever comes next.

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Years break too, and, as always, if you'd like to discuss a project for 2013, please get in touch.