Jack Barber / Website Design

Moo (No, this is not about a cow)

Having designed my original logo and business cards in 2009 - just before I became self-employed, I thought it was about due a bit of a refresh.  And, having limped along with a half built site for most of last year, at the end of 2012 I spent some time re-designing my website (still not finished, but won't be too long now, promise!).

This lead to a new logo and colour scheme, which is in complete contrast to the original site and cards, so I set about designing some new ones. 

I usually recommend Printing.com for business card printing, as the print quality is so much higher than anything else I've seen.  But in this case, I wanted to look around and see what else was available.

I'd heard quite a lot about Moo (a firm specialising in business card printing as well as postcards, stickers and more) on Twitter, and decided to go for their 'Luxe' cards.  These cards weigh in at 600gsm, being printed on paper which is constructed of a coloured centre, sandwiched between 2 white layers.  Mine have a blue centre to reflect the blue in my colour scheme, but other options are available. 

The results can be seen below, what do you think?

At the same time, I also had some leaflets printed by Printing.com on their 150gsm gloss stock.  Some are for general use and the others are targeted at holiday accommodation owners: