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Heading South for Winter

In February last year, Megan, our children and I travelled down to Margate in Kent to visit Megan's brother Sam, who works as an Industrial Designer for Airfix.  A year later and now my brother Will is studying at University in Brighton and so we decided to repeat our trip and head south for a few days.

Of course, you don't expect a week in February to be particularly pleasant holiday weather.  But, when the only time the sun shone in 10 consecutive days is for 15 minutes whilst I was packing the car to come home, I couldn't help but be a little irritated.

Weather aside, we enjoyed visiting Brighton.  Will's girlfriend Claire works at Brighton Dome and was able to give us a 'back stage' tour of the building, which was originally built as a stable for the Prince Regent's horses (he must have had loads of cash).  Megan particularly enjoyed looking around the independant shops in Brighton Lanes.

Following a weekend in Brighton (staying in the fantastic Orchard Cottage) we travelled to Margate (via Bexhill-on-Sea for lunch with my Grandparents) to visit Sam and Rebecca.  If it wasn't for the family link, Margate would not be on my list of preferred holiday destinations.  However, it is a good base from which to enjoy Canterbury, Whistable and other nearby locations.

Top tips for a trip to Whitstable:

Enjoying the woods near our cottage

Bea window shopping in Whitstable

Whistable's coastal huts


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