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Things I've Learned About Decorating (Part 2)

Last year we moved into our new house and were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time decorating and improving before we moved all our stuff (literally around the corner) and into our new home.

As we decorated (with some expert help) I wrote about a few hints and tips I picked up along the way.  Over the last 4 weeks or so, our existing dining room has been transformed into our new kitchen (and the old kitchen will shortly become the new dining room).  And before you ask, yes, switching the rooms has been painful, but will be well worth it in the long run!

So, I thought I'd create a Part 2 to my decorating Part 1 blog post from last year.  Here are some things I've learned whilst putting a kitchen in:

  1. Planning is vital.  Everything needs doing in the right order to prevent major problems further down the line.  Fortunately, our trades-people have all been available just at the right time for the electrics, plumbing, plastering and fitting to get done in the right order.  As my ex-RAF father in law would say, 'prior planning prevents poor performance'.
  2. Attempting a bit of tiling (my first), some minor woodwork (skirting etc.) and painting and decorating is fine and very rewarding when completed, but it's best to employ professionals for the tricky stuff (cutting worktops, for instance).
  3. Farrow & Ball paint is more expensive, but (probably) worth the additional cost.  Looks great and is nice to paint with.
  4. Obviously, Homebase is very expensive.  If you're from Whitby, go to AGI DIY first, they're really helpful and generally cheaper!
  5. Decorator's Caulk and filler are really useful and make everything so much neater!
  6. Buy the best you can afford at the time.

I'll post some photos of our kitchen once it's totally finished (should be by the weekend).

Next week we're doing the bathroom (seriously).