Jack Barber / Website Design

Making Complexity Simple

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a recent university graduate.  Jayson Wong is a composer who, having completed a degree in Music Technology at the University of Derby, went on to study for an MA in composition at Leeds College of Music.

He approached me with an interest in having a website designed and developed, from which to advertise his skills and services and provide a home for his portfolio of compositions and other work.

His requirements appeared simple enough:

  • The ability to edit the content of his site himself
  • A 'responsive' layout so the site could be easily used on a phone or tablet
  • It should include a media player through which visitors can listen to his work.  The media player should not be interrupted as visitors move around the site

'Fine', I said, in response to his request - 'that sounds fairly straight forward'.

A few weeks, and a lot of head scratching later, and his site is now live.  Built using my bespoke Content Management System, tailored to Jayson's requirements, we've just about ironed out all of the creases.  And, in my opnion, Jayson's site actually looks and works better on a mobile (or iPad) than it does on a desktop or laptop, which is definitely a first for me!