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Circus Toys From Around The World

When I was 14 I went on 'work experience' with my Aunt in Suffolk, and her next-door neighbour, Ron, who makes automota.  I spent the first week learning the lino print process and making prints of various kinds, and the second week building a remote control aeroplane.  Perhaps this is why I've ended up being a self-employed designer - I certainly enjoyed the freedom of those two weeks.

Anyway, my mum went down to visit my aunt recently, and came back with a poster Ron had designed, featuring sketches and descriptions of circus toys from around the world.  It's just gone up on my office wall and I thought I'd share a few photos of my favourite elements.

This is the full poster:

I love Ron's sketch style - and having seen his 3D work, it's easy to imagine the movement his sketches portray.

'Pottery in Motion'

If you're ever down in Suffolk and get to Southwold, make sure you call in at Craftco, an art cooperative at the top of the main street, just near Adnams, you can see Ron's Automota Circus there.  Here's a clip I found on YouTube: