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Hotel Bookings Going Mobile

Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of internet traffic generated by mobile devices.  Whether it be a fancy new iPhone, a tablet, or even a budget handset, most mobile devices are either regularly connected through WiFi, or via their own 3 and 4G data connections.

It is no surprise then, that more and more websites are being constructed with mobile users in mind.  Designing websites which adapt to make the best use of the screen they're being viewed on is generally called 'responsive web design' or RWD and it's a technique I am applying to more and more projects.

This week I've been working on a mobile interface for a local hotel's online booking system.  Having already built a bespoke online booking and hotel management system for The Wheeldale, Peter asked me to look at creating a 'mobile app' so his customers could make a booking more easily from their mobiles.

The finished project has just gone live at http://m.wheeldale-hotel.co.uk and visitors to the standard desktop website are automatically redirected to this new, mobile-friendly interface which we hope will encourage more website visitors to make bookings via their mobiles.

Here are some shots of the system in use:

I'll post some more in-depth information in my portfolio soon.  If you'd like to discuss a mobile website or application, please get in touch on 01947 878108.