Jack Barber / Website Design

New Hosting Service on its Way

Websites are hosted on computers which are susceptible to the same hardware failures as any normal PC or laptop.  Having suffered a major hardware failure in spring 2013, we (I and a knowledgeable expert) are creating a far more reliable and resilient hosting service.  We're not far from completing the setup and will be beginning to move clients to the new service shortly (Aug/Sep 2013).

The new service will offer far more resillience than most hosting providers offer.  The hardware setup (for those interested) will look something like this:

Running the service in this way removes the single point of failure prevelant in most affordable hosting platforms.  Server A acts as the main website server, with the DNS servers making an active choice between Server A and Server B ensuring that websites and associated email accounts are more reliably available regardless of individual hardware faults and failures.

What does this mean for existing clients?

All existing hosting clients will be transferred to the new system.  I will inform you when your site is going to be moved, the transfer of which will occur overnight, in a way which prevents any down-time.  As well as providing improved reliability, the new service will also be faster and provide much improved security and backup measures.