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JBHost.co.uk Website Hosting

Back in May my web server suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure, compounded by a number of other software issues and various oversights on my part.  Having restored all the website through a variety of means, I decided I didn't want to experience (and probably wouldn't survive) another episode like that, and something had to be done.

Since then I've been working with my brother, who runs a software development and IT consultancy firm, to create a far more robust and reliable service - something which will give my clients and myself peace of mind.

Enter https://jbhost.co.uk.

We're well on the way to completion and I'll write more about what's going on behind the scenes once we've implemented all of the functionality we have planned.  The new service is designed to be easier to manage, faster and more reliable - both in terms of service delivered and in running backups and keeping on top of the 'house work'.

I've put together a new site giving an introduction to the new service and enabling new and existing customers to buy their hosting package online.  I'm also pleased to announce I can now accept credit and debit card payments for all of my services.

Over the coming weeks I'll be writing more 'How To' self-help guides for my website clients, which can be accessed under the 'Services' menu above in the 'Website Hosting and Management' section.  These documents will outline all kinds of tasks which you may want to perform with the new hosting service, from setting up your email accounts, to accessing webmail, databases and so on.

If you have any questions or comments about the new hosting service please use the comments form below, or call me on 01947 878108 for a chat!