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So that was October

That went fast!  It only seems 5 minutes since I was saying to Megan, 'Once you get to the end of September, Christimas seems to arrive in no time!' and here were are, the end of October already.

At the start of the month I attended DIBI conference in Newcastle, but the real highlight of my month was attending TIDE2013 conference in Scarborough, organised by Askew Brook at Woodend.

It was a fantastic event from start to finish.  With a wide range of interesting speakers from various design and technology related fields the event was situated at The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, with the best conference catering I've ever enjoyed (putting DIBI to shame!).

The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, the venue for #TIDE2013

@naomisusi's new venture, Whoist & Whatsit, opening on Newcastle Quayside in 2014.

Code Club: a great initiative teaching children (aged 9-11) to code simple games and websites. I'll be writing more about this later as I'm hoping to start a Code Club at a Whitby Primary School soon!

Apparently, Code Club's lessons are 92% fun!

10 Tips for Tidier Type, an excellent talk by @csswizardry

@malarkey closing the conference with some thoughts about clients.

Creative Culture on the Coast

Andy, Lee and Richard did an absolutely fantastic job putting the whole thing together and the event went without a hitch.  Around 120 attended the conference, coming from all over the UK.  It was great to see that events of this kind can be run successfully despite our rather remote location, and even draw the attention of several very well know speakers.

The speakers at TIDE all deserve a massive thanks too - as far as I know they all gave freely of their time to support the event, which of course couldn't have happened without them.  And it's nice to be able to put a face (a real, human face, rather than an avatar) to a name and actually get to speak to the people who fill out Twitter feeds in the flesh.

I look forward to enjoying TIDE again next year!