Jack Barber / Website Design

Whitby Brewery - Craft Brewery on the Coast

A while ago a family me and my younger brother are friends with (since middle school days) started a small brewery in Whitby.  They've been brewing for almost 2 years now and their fine ales, beers and porters have been well received in and around Whitby, and much further afield at special events around the country.

A few weeks ago Richard, one of the founders, asked me to design a website for the business, using branding created by a graphic designer friend of his from university (www.littleorange.co.uk).  Emma at Little Orange has done a great job on the logo design, bottle labels etc. so I put together a relatively simple, responsive layout which Richard and I both felt makes the most of Emma's designs and the photography of the beers themselves, which we completed today.

The site's now live, although Richard says he'll be pondering over every word of text for the next few weeks whilst he decides exactly what to write about their company and their wonderful beers.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the site (it works nicely on phones too!):

And here are a couple of the promotional photos I took today with Richard's help: