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Longleat Safari Park

We're currently on holiday in Salisbury, Wiltshire, enjoying a few days in the south of the country visiting some relatives and generally enjoying ourselves.

Yesterday we visited Longleat.  The children, Megan and myself were all excited about seeing the animals, especially in the Safari Park.  Being early in the year and out of the school holidays we were able to enjoy all areas of the park without having to fight our way through the crowds, which was great!

The meerkats were interesting - much smaller than I had imagined, quite cheeky but not particularly friendly.  And Bea made good friends with a large tegu lizard.

Below are some of my photos from the day.

Meerkats: much smaller in real life than I'd imagined (thanks to the clever camera angles of wildlife films and the Compare the Market meerkats).

Some birds. I don't remember their names, nice picture though.

The children (and Megan and I) loved the giraffes and zebras.

We didn't have a look in the house and the gardens were yet to come into flower, still quite impressive though.

The lions.

The rhinos.

Lorikeets - they were great!