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How To: Transfer Hundreds of GBs Between NAS Drives

Last week I got a new NAS for my work file storage.  It's a ZyXEL NSA325-v2 and it's really good.  At least, it does everything I need it to, and more besides.

I was immediately impressed with its easy access web interface and media server capabilities, so I bought its baby brother, the NSA310s for our home media storage.

I had been attempting to transfer the files from our old NAS to their new home just by dragging and dropping. However, attempting to transfer around 400GB of data this way didn't work very well - I'm sure someone with more knowledge than myself would be able to explain why.

After a bit of thought, I stumbled upon the idea of using the backup function on the old Netgear ReadyNAS and the ZyXEL's FTP function to transfer our photos and other media.  I should say, it's still transferring the data as I write this, but it's going much more smoothly and quickly - so if you're attempting to transfer loads of data on a network, try FTP - or if you have a better idea, please use the comments box below to share!