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Whitby A-Z Poster

I while ago I was inspired to design a poster for my home town of Whitby.  I love working on projects for clients - it gives fantastic variation to the work that I do and the kind of projects I undertake.  However, as a designer it's great to work on personal projects without strict deadlines, client constraints and so on.

My Whitby A-Z poster is one of these projects.  It's taken a while to put together, featuring 26 individual illustrations depicting various seaside images, some with particular reference to Whitby, such as the Whale Bones and the Abbey.

I always wanted this to be a local project, so I asked Jet Print printers to print the finished poster.  It's an A3 litho print on 200gsm silk board, giving a really high quality and durable finish with excellent colour.

It's now available to buy through my online store (http://store.jackbarber.co.uk) - which will also contain a few other associated items over the coming weeks!