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How to Embed Tweets and Facebook Statuses

Even the big news corporations are at it. It's an easy way to add the opinions, photos and comments of others to your blog posts, meaning you have to create less content, but provide a better, more interesting read to your visitors.

All the big names (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) have made it really easy to do, so there's no reason why you can include social content in your next post. Here's how to do it:

How to Embed a Facebook Status

With an embedded Facebook status in your site, your readers can interact with others on Facebook directly in your page - the 'like', and 'share' functionality all works without having to leave your site, and you can embed any kind of status - including those which contain photos or video!


1. Find the status you wish to share, hover over it and click the little 'down' arrow in the top right corner, then choose 'Embed Post':


2. In the pop-up window which appears, copy the code from the top box (highlighted):


3. Go to your website management system, where you're creating your blog post, and use the HTML or View Source button to see your post's code, like this:

or this:

If you're using Wordpress or some other CMS you'll need to work this bit out for yourself!


4. Navigate your way through the code, to find the place where you want your embedded post to appear. Do not be afraid of the weird looking symbols!


5. Paste your code in the right place, being careful not to delete any of the pre-existing code, then click 'Update' or whatever the appropriate action is to save your changes


6. Save your post and check the results on your website. You should now have an embeded status in your post - like the one below. Remember to click 'like' to prove that it's real!



Embed a Tweet

Embedded tweets are a great way of illustrating points your make in your text by using the comments of others. Your readers can interact with the tweet directly on your page, replying, retweeting of favouriting without leaving your site - everyone's a winner!


1. Find the tweet you want to embed, click on the 3 little dots at the bottom of the tweet (this is a kind of universal symbol for 'more'), then choose 'Embed Tweet':


2. In the pop-up window which appears, copy the code which is provided:


3. Repeat steps 3-6 from the Facebook instructions above, then you'll have an embedded tweet, like this (layout will vary depending on the content of the tweet):


Embed an Instagram Photo

Instagram can be a fantastic resource for photos. Been to an event in your town but forgot your camera? Chances are you can find suitable photos on Instagram, and then share them on your site. This is also a great way of benefitting from other people's view points.


1. Go to instagram.com and find the photo you want to embed. You should be viewing it like this:


2. Click on the three dots and then choose 'Embed':


3. Copy the code from the pop-up window:


4. Repeat steps 3-6 from the Facebook instructions above to embed the image into your post, you'll then have an embedded Instagram image, like this:


Cliff top shelter #whitby

A photo posted by Jack Barber (@jackbarberltd) onJan 16, 2015 at 1:18am PST



That was easy, wasn't it? Now there's no reason not to include social media in your next blog post :)