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Get Free Images For Your Blog From Flickr

Sourcing images for a blog post can be hard work.

Perhaps you're comfortable behind the lens, and don't mind heading out in search of that wonderful image to bring a real 'wow' factor to your fantastic new content. If this is you, great!

If not, you could be stuck - perhaps posting blog content without images, or with images you've got from Google Images (not recommended - you're almost certainly infringing copyright laws).

However, there are plenty of fantastic free image resources on the 'net. Here's how to use Flickr to get amazing free photos for your site - and to stick within the law!


1. Head over to Flickr.com

It currently looks like this:


2. Enter a search term in the search box

In the top right hand corner of the screen you'll find the 'search' box - enter your term and press 'enter' to see the results:


3. Change the 'license' type to Creative Commons

Click on the 'License' option above the search results, then change the option to 'Creative Commons Only - Commercial Use Allowed':



4. Now you'll see a new set of results

All these images are licenses for commercial use by the photographer - so you can freely use them on your site:


5. Click on the image you wish to use

It'll appear large on the screen, with other information surrounding/below it:


6. Use the 'download' function

Click on the 'download' icon to the bottom right of the photo then select the size you want (usually the 640 option is enough for a blog post or website page):


7. Save the file

When the 'save' dialog appears, save the file to your computer:


8. Use the photo

You can now upload the image to your website content management system and make use of it within your blog posts or anywhere else you want. As the image is licensed under 'Creative Commons' you are free to use the image providing that you give appropriate credit to the image owner, as outlined in the license information which you can see here.


An Example:

Whitby Abbey by Michael D Beckwith - License