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Blog writing hints, tips and resources direct to your inbox

If you're running a business and you want to be easily 'found' online, you'll need a few things:

  • A decent website
  • Probably some social media accounts
  • Possibly some online advertising
  • And for each of the above, some good content to draw in your customers

I've been helping businesses make the most of the internet for ages - but one problem keeps occurring: most website owners aren't comfortable with creating content for their Blog or News page. (If you don't have a Blog or News page you probably should - call me to find out why).

Every time this problem has arisen, I've said something along the lines of 'You're not alone, a lot of people find it difficult thinking about what they should write for their blog, I'm going to setup a mailing list and send out useful suggestions... I'll let you know when it's ready'.

This has been going on for years. It's not that I'm too lazy to put it together, rather I've just been a bit busy. But enough is enough - it's time I sorted it out.  And I have.


Who is this for?

I'm aiming predominantly at businesses in the tourism/accommodation sectors, based in Whitby and the surrounding area. However, there will be an overall 'theme' to each email, and practical hints and tips which are applicable to all business sectors.

Really it's for anyone who needs a bit of assistance in creating content and could do with a monthly reminder to get on and write some!


Sign Up Now

Enter your email address in the form below to subscribe to the list and every month I'll send you an email containing loads of useful hints, tips, suggestions, ideas and examples to help you really make the most of your blog:


What Can You Expect?

Each month's email will include some or all of the following:

An overall theme or idea

This will introduce a key concept you can apply to you content to help it become more valuable in achieving your goals (namely, getting people onto your website, keeping them there and ensuring they buy your product/service).

Some article suggestions (with examples)

Stuck for what to write? Each month I'll give you some ideas to get you started. These could be specific (about a particular event for instance), or generic article types which can easily capitalise on your knowledge. I'll also include links to some example articles you can use for inspiration.

A Practical Tip or Two

There's nothing more helpful (I find) than a real-life example to cement an idea. Every email will include a practical example to really help you get to grips with the main idea.

Links to resources

Finding images or other resources like video clips can be time consuming and difficult. Every email will include links to relevant resources to really help your blog posts stand out.

Other stuff...

  • Links to other articles which might help you create great content
  • Assistance in understanding your Google Analytics data
  • Other bits and bobs...


When does this kick off?

Monday! I will be sending out the first email on Monday 1st February. Don't worry if you miss it - I'll post a link on my site and also on my Facebook page and Twitter.

And as always, I'd love your feedback. So subscribe, read, apply to your site and let me know how you get on.