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Breakfast at Skippers Cafe - A Proper Full English

Where possible, I always like to support the local businesses who've supported me - those who've trusted me with their design projects over the years.

A few weeks ago I completed a project for Richard, owner of Skippers Cafe on Haggersgate. I've always known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it doesn't take much to tempt us Barbers out of our beds and into town for a proper Full English - and it was definitely worth it!

Firstly, I was pleased to see some of my design work 'out in the wild'. Robert at Vinyl Signs has done a great job applying the anchor logo I designed to the window and the banner logos to the boards above.

Here's a close up of the anchor:

Skippers Cafe Window Vinyl Sign

And one of the banners:

Skippers Cafe Banner Sign

The website is also live, but will be having much more content adding over the coming weeks - check it out at www.skipperscafe.co.uk.


And so, to breakfast...

I hadn't actually been into the cafe since before the extensive refurbishment it has undergone over the last few months. Despite the fresh new look, brand new furniture, kitchen equipment and a revised layout, Skippers Cafe retains much of its traditional 'greasy-spoon' charm.

Looking out onto Haggersgate (hardly a picturesque highway), you know you're slightly off the beaten track - in a place frequented by locals as much (and probably more) than tourists. The kind of place where a breakfast really hits the spot. And you'd be right!

With a traditional choice of various sizes of full English breakfasts (including the monsterous 'Trawler Man's Challenge'), bacon, sausage and egg rolls, beans or scrambled eggs on toast, tea and either instant of Baytown Coffee - this is a place where traditionalists will feel right at home!

Skippers Cafe Full English Breakfast, Whitby

However, with all the meat sourced from Landers (an excellent butcher on Baxtergate), proper Heinz beans and tomato ketchup and all very nicely cooked in vegetable oil instead of lard, this is probably the best full English I've had - though I know I've said that before!

Skippers Cafe is a place where adults and children can relax and enjoy a hearty meal, and a great value one at that. There's no pretence, no awkwardness about prams and minor spillages - it's relaxed and totally enjoyable.

Florence enjoying her bacon sandwich

And it's also the place where a bacon sandwich comes with a slice of toast, and a tea or coffee, just incase you've got extra (small) mouths to feed. Did I say it was great value?!


Highly Recommended

And so we highly recommend a visit to Skippers Cafe. Richard's doing a great job of bringing new life to an old establishment (the original cafe has been around for nearly 40 years) and meeting the needs of both the early-rising fishermen as well as the more leisurely local and tourist trade.

I can definitely see my yearly intake of full English breakfasts increasing quite dramatically!