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Roll Fold Leaflet for The Woodlands Hotel, Sandsend

I always like getting stuff in the post. I guess it's because so much communication is digital these days - we miss opening a letter or receiving a post card.

This morning I received a parcel containing some leaflets I designed for a local hotel & restaurant.

Ok, so they're not specifically for me, but I was pleased to receive them on behalf of my client, and enjoyed seeing what had only existed on my screen until now suddenly appear as a physical, tactile product.

The Woodlands Leaflet

I always get nervous when I send artwork to the printers. There's something very finite about it, as aposed the bulk of my work. Websites can be easily amended at any time. Print cannot.

At the same time, there's something pleasingly permanent about print.

Inside pages of The Woodlands leaflet

These leaflets are designed to reflect the design of the website, and business cards, both conceived at the end of last year. They're printed on 170gsm silk finish paper, which gives a soft sheen without being overly 'glossy'. I don't really like gloss.

They feature a lot of photos of the hotel itself - including the restaurant, bar and attached self-catering accommodation.

The Woodlands leaft and business cards

The Woodlands are also making use of Welcome to Whitby - my online booking and availability service for small bed and breakfasts and hotels.

I'm pleased to be able to offer a full range of design and development services - enabling my clients to make the most of the internet, whether that's direct or by promoting their websites through print.