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Windows 10 - Free Upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 Users

Microsoft have announced that their newest operating system, Windows 10, will be a free upgrade for existing users of Windows 7 and 8.1.

Due for release later in the summer, Windows 7 and 8.1 users will be able to upgrade their computers for free from July 29th. However, the free upgrade period only lasts for 1 year - so make sure you don't forget!

Windows 10 Preview


It looks like the familiar start menu is making a comeback - a feature which will be very welcome to those who've struggled to get used to Windows 8's touch-friendly tiles.

They're also including new features such as Cortana, their voice activated assistant and a feature which has been part of their mobile operating systems for some time.

Here's a quick preview video, showing off some of the highlights:


For a more in-depth look at the new features, watch this video too:


Microsoft Still King of Desktop

Despite all the hype surrounding Apple products, Microsoft still holds the lion's share of the desktop computing market - with Windows 7 holding onto the larget share of the desktop operating market by a long way.

Where Microsoft have fallen behind is in the mobile and tablet markets. Perhaps with a bold refresh of their desktop environment Microsoft are paving the way for a fresh assault on the mobile and tablet markets.

Whether they manage to regain some of that lost ground remains to be seen.


Use What You Like

Having been a Windows user for years I am quite happy to recommend either Windows or Apple devices to my clients, friends and family. After all, they're only tools. Windows 10 looks set to right a lot of what went wrong with Windows 8 - and I hope it does.

The devices we use on a daily basis should be their to enable us, and to enhance our lives. They're not supposed to make us slaves to their shiny screens, paranoid about social networks and frustrated at their incapabilities.

Whatever software and hardware you choose, make sure it fits.

If you're currently using Windows 7 or 8, I'd suggest go ahead and reserve your Windows 10 upgrade - and make sure you tell me what you think when you get it!