Jack Barber / Website Design

Hadley's Business Cards

I'm always interested to see where each project I work on ends up. Sometimes clients come to me looking for a website, and end up with quite a lot more. Working with Chris at Hadley's has been one of those projects.

Initially the brief was to design and build a new website for the restaurant - advertising their wonderful fish and chips and bed and breakfast accommodation.

Having launched the site in February it's been great to see it grow and develop as Chris and his team have added more content, and to see the visitor numbers increase dramatically too!

Recently I've designed some press advertisements, additional logos for their coffee mugs (which should arrive soon) and some business cards. The cards arrived this week, so I called down and picked a couple up this lunchtime.

We're both pleased with the results, and I can't wait to see how the new mugs turn out too!

Hadley's Fish and Chips Business Card

Hadley's Fish and Chips Business Cards Front

Hadley's Fish and Chips Business Cards Rear