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Do The Things That Challenge You

Yesterday I resurrected a side project I spent some considerable time developing last year and the year before. I can't really share what it is, exactly, online. I think it has real potential and value, as do business professionals and other interested parties I've discussed it with.

However, creating something from scratch - taking something from an idea to a physical device is hard.

Silicon Valley is full of 'start-ups'. Small companies creating new products or services - mostly backed by millionaire investment partners, or supported by major players in the technology sector.

All I have is as much time as I can afford to give it and a desire to create something which has a real purpose. Not just another connected device destined for landfill.

There have been ups and downs with this project, as with all projects. But yesterday was a good day.

I managed to distill everything I've learned (including a new programming language) over the past couple of years into a prototype of the device and a basic web interface enabling it's key function to be performed.

Prototype so far

Ok, so it's only a prototype. But all of a sudden the distance between prototype and product seems to be narrowing.

I'm determined to get it to the point at which it could be manufactured. The point at which anyone looking at the device and the service it provides can understand why and how it works and can see that it offers a real solution to a real problem.

I'm going to attempt to post as much information about it's development here, on my blog, as I can, without giving too much away. Just publishing the odd photo or progress report should be enough to keep me enthused about getting to the next stage - a product that looks like a product and a website which performs well and looks the part.

This is a real challenge for me. But where there is no challenge, there is no growth. Do the things that challenge you!