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Pebble Time - What Will I Use It For?

Yesterday, I had a delivery - a Pebble Time smartwatch. It's the first thing I've backed on Kickstarter - and now it's on my desk. Waiting to be used.

Pebble Time

I love how it looks. It's simple. It looks like a watch, and it even tells the time, just like a watch. But it's capable of so much more.

The thing is, I don't really wear a watch anymore. I've got used to not wearing one, as my phone has the time on it and it's always in my pocket.

So, what will I use it for?

Truth is, I don't know yet. It's been bleeping at my intermittently this afternoon, as I've received 'likes' on Instagram and the odd Twitter reply or favourite. But I get those notifications on my phone - or even right on my screen. So I'm not sure the answer lies in telling me stuff I already know - or can find out just as easily as picking my phone up.

So perhaps the answer lies in information I don't know, but would like to. I've recently started using my Bytemark Server Graphs to keep an eye on my server - perhaps I could build a notification service for that, so I can respond when there's a problem.

Or maybe I can write a time-keeping app, to keep me on target with projects and log the amount of time I spend doing each thing. That might be handy.

New technology always seems a little confusing - we didn't really know what we'd use an iPad for when I got one, 5 years ago. It's still going strong, by the way. And I hope this is the same.

And I hope I can use it to learn - a new programming language, a new way of thinking about connected devices, the internet, information.

I'll post anything interesting I manage to do with it, and if you have any suggestions tweet them at me or email me.