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Go Outside - And Take Your Camera

We often take where we live for granted. Personally, I know how easy it is to get used to our surroundings - to stop seeing them as the holiday-makers do, to just accept them as normal.

And I tend to find it even harder to appreciate what we have, living in Whitby, when life is so busy.

This last few weeks have been particularly busy - without the satisfaction of crossing loads of projects off my 'to-do' list either. And family life with 4 young children doesn't often lend itself to times of relaxation, peace and quiet!

But on Sunday evening I managed to slip out of the house for a few minutes to enjoy the sunset on the longest day of the year.

Sunset into the North Sea

Enjoying our surroundings isn't difficult - we just have to stop long enough to experience them.

I'm going to attempt to make more of an effort to stop, look and listen. And take some more photos too.