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Instagram Frame - A Laser Cut Product

A couple of weeks ago Megan ordered some Instagram prints from www.photobox.co.uk. She wanted to enjoy a physical photograph (like we did in the olden days), and not just experience them through screens.

I use Instagram to document work from time to time, so looked back through my feed and picked out a few images I wanted printing too.

A friend of ours recently setup a laser cutting and CNC routing business near Scarborough - so I thought I'd try out his new service by designing a frame for my Instagram prints.

I love laser cutting.

Illustrator for Laser Cutting

I designed the frame in Illustrator which is actually pretty good at creating artwork for this kind of job. Then I sent my design to Gareth for cutting. He then sent my physical parts back.

Easy as that - from idea to physical product in a matter of hours.

The frame is made from 4 cut parts - 3 making up the picture surround and a triangular strut to keep the frame upright.  All 4 bits got glued together, leaving a slot in one side to feed the prints in and out of.

I'm pretty pleased with the results - contact me if you want one - you can have your own name on it too :)

Laser cut Instagram frame

Laser cut Instagram frame

And if you need any laser cutting or CNC routing doing - or other 3D design work, then contact Gareth at www.makersmith.works for a chat.