Jack Barber / Website Design

Welcome to Jack Barber HQ

I've finally got around to changing my business registered address. Once the paperwork has been processed it'll officially be:

21 Clarence Place,
North Yorkshire,
YO21 3AS

At the same time, I've also finally put some pictures up in the wall, got my desk just how I want it and everything else looking presentable enough for a quick photoshoot.

If you've ever wondered what working from inside an ex-council toilets feels like, this is my office:

Jack Barber Ltd HQ

It's more spacious than most people imagine, when I tell them I work in a toilet. The building was completely gutted and properly renovated with a new roof, new windows and door, fully insulated, floor levelled, new plumbing and electrical work and rendered on the outside.

My Desk

I had my desk made by Tom Porter, a local joiner (www.woodspacefurniture.co.uk) - I wanted something which would make the best use of the space I have available across the end wall of my office.

It's inch-thick birch-faced ply with tressel legs, so I can move it easily when required. It's the only piece of furniture I've ever commissioned - and I have to say, it's worth every penny.

There's a piece of cheap plywood over one end (on the right in the photo above) to protect the surface from my soldering iron.

Jack Barber Ltd Office

At the other end of the building are a tiny kitchen and toilet. Everything you might need!

I fitted the space out with some cabinets from IKEA, and a drop-leaf table, along with some Eames-style chairs (I can't afford originals).

And on the back wall I now have a few prints displayed - one of my own, one designed by a friend who makes traditional toys and a couple of limited edition prints - one from a friend's band's album launch and one by Kyle Steed, a designer and illustrator based in the USA.

My Prints

If you're in town and fancy calling in to see it in the flesh please ring me first on 01947 878108. I'm hoping to start running some training courses in the near future - so more people can make use of and enjoy my work space.

I really love working here. Being more able to keep home and work life separate has been really beneficial over the past few months - it's amazing to have a dedicated space like this to work in, to invite clients to and to enable me to continue to run my business effectively and efficiently.