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Hadley's Stylish Greaseproof Paper

One of the things I find most annoying, as a designer, is when a company invests in some design or branding work and then fail to make the best use of the work they've had produced.

You'll have seen it before - that company with a smart new logo and website, who then leave their advertising or vehicle signage to someone else, and totally fail to ensure that the same visual style is carried through every aspect of their business.

This is probably one of the main reasons why I've enjoyed working with Chris at Hadley's so much this year. What started as a fairly standard website design project has developed into a far broader brief.

We've designed business cards, advertisements for local and regional press, logos for their coffee cups (photos soon!) and their most recent delivery has been a box of branded greaseproof paper.

Hadley's Greaseproof Paper

Perfect for presenting their chips, in buckets, and reinforcing their 'brand'!

Are you making the most of your design work?

If you've had a new website, or logo, designed recently, are you making the most of it? Do your clients, or potential clients, see a visual continuity across all of your marketing materials? Are you constantly reinforcing your 'brand' so that it becomes memorable and noticeable?

Make sure you have access to your logo in formats you can use on social media, and share with others who might use it - such as press advertising departments and printers. As a company, your visual identity can be one of your most valuable assets if used effectively - so make sure you are!