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Stylish Coffee Mugs for Hadley's

Stylish Coffee Mugs for Hadley's

I know I keep going on about Hadley's - but they really are a great case study. A company prepared to invest in design - to think 'what else can we do?' instead of just doing enough. It makes a difference.

Hadley's Coffee Mugs with Logo

This week they received a delivery of these lovely coffee cups - in varying sizes, perfect for an Espresso, Latte, Americano or Cappuccino - with beans supplied by another excellent local firm: The Baytown Coffee Company.

Collection of Hadley's Coffee Cups

It's really easy to get just about anything printed with logos these days - to help promote your company in new ways. Just look at the range of stuff you can get from Awesome Merchandise (based in Leeds). And mostly very reasonably priced too.

Hadley's Espresso Cup

Your business promotion doesn't have to stop at a few business cards. Think outside the box a little - what can you produce which will serve as a reminder of your business, whilst also provide a proper, practical solution to an everyday problem?

Be innovative - do something to surprise and delight your prospective clients. Be memorable.

'In your face' advertising rarely works as well as we'd hope - it's far better to be long term and low key about it. In which case a nice cup with your name on it, a pen, or a fridge magnet might work far more effectively.