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I've Set Myself a Challenge

I've Set Myself a Challenge

I turned 30 in March. It was a milestone I thought I wouldn't be bothered about. But as it turns out I suddenly felt 'old'.

In order to combat this period of self-pitty, I have decided to set myself a challenge.

I've run plenty of half marathons over the years, but until this year I'd never run further. I have completed the Goathland Hardmoors Trail Half Marathon twice and always fancied competing in in the full marathon event.

However, a couple of other events have also caught my eye which I will complete before running the Goathland Marathon in November.  The first is a 24 mile run on Guisborough moor, which will include Roseberry Topping in August. And the other is the Endurancelife North York Moors Coastal Trail Series event in October (another marathon, starting and finishing at Ravenscar).

3 marathons at 30!

As if training and competing in 1 marathon wasn't enough, I've ended up aiming to be competitive in all 3 events. And next year I plan to run my first ultra-marathon - more on that another day!

In order to get myself in shape I have joined my local gym (www.fitnessmachine2.co.uk) who have been more than helpful in providing some excellent advice and a detailed training plan to follow.

I'll expand on that in another post - but suffice to say I've been going to the gym regularly for 5 weeks now and am feeling fitter and stronger than ever. Provided my calves can put up with the abuse (I've had calf issues in the past) I'm feeling confident about completing the marathon distance.

Off to the gym now - have a good weekend whatever you get up to!