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Whitby A-Z Print Back on Sale!

Whitby A-Z Print Back on Sale!

My Whitby A-Z Print has been on sale in a number of locations around Whitby for a while - and it was available online too. Then I deleted my online store - thinking I'd put something new together sooner rather than later. Then I got too busy with client work to do anything about it so it's not been available online for some time.

Until today!

I've setup a new store with Big Cartel - you can check it out here: store.jackbarber.co.uk

The A-Z Print is back on sale - currently with 20% off at just £12 including free P&P!

I'm also ordering some new badges, notebooks and badge sets too, all of which should be available to buy online before too long. Perfect for Christmas if you're thinking that far ahead already :)