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Keep on Refining Your Website

Keep on Refining Your Website

It's always tempting to consider a website 'finished'. But in truth, a good website never is.

Your website's content may be accurate and up to date. Your photos may be crystal clear and clearly display your business offering. Your graphics and layout may be pixel perfect. Everything is as it should be.

Unfortunately, your competition is not standing still. And neither is the technology on which your site is built - or the additional services you use to promote your business, such as social media.

There is always something you can improve.

Take some time today to take an objective look at your website. Ask a friend to go over it with you. Does it answer their questions? Is it obvious to someone who knows nothing about your business what it is you do, and what you're offering?

If you're still convinced your site cannot be improved start using some more in-depth tools and analysis - you may want to run your site through some or all of these online tests, and ask someone (like me) to decipher the results for you:

Also, is your site running Google Analytics or a similar traffic reporting system? If so, what information can you glean from the reports which will help you make effective changes to your website?

The biggest threat to your website's performance is the mis-understanding that once it's launched you can forget about it. The best websites are those which are proactively managed and well looked after.

If you'd like some support, or more personlised suggestions for keeping your website competetive please contact me.