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Week Notes #5

Week Notes #5

In my first week notes post I mentioned how difficult the start of the year had been. From January to March my productivity took a serious beating whilst I worked on a side-project with Esgrid (my part time employee). February's always a difficult month to feel productive - it's shorter than most and we've often taken time for a quick break at half term or thereabouts. This year was no different and by the time March came around (throughout which we were having our loft converted) I was really feeling the pressure to get back on top of some projects.

In contrast, April has been a highly productive month - so in general I'm feeling far more positive. The sun has come out, which always helps, I've completed a number of projects and found time to start writing my blog again fairly regularly. I'm trying to write up stuff which is work-related more than personal. As a result there are quite a few posts now about Perch app development and I've got plenty more to write about in that regard.

Yesterday I built a 'menu manager' app for Perch Runway for a project I'm working on currently. My client wanted to be able to built independent menu structures for different pages and sections of their new website. Normally I would use the in-built navigation groups functionality in Perch - but this is a little limited, so I've built a bespoke solution. I hope to get it completed today and I'll post more about it here soon.

The last week has flown by and tomorrow will be the 1st May - the start of a new month. I've been invited to help out with something my brother is building which will involve me learning React and that, alongside plenty of my own client work means May is looking pretty busy, which is not bad thing.

Onwards and upwards.

Photo by Rich Tervet on Unsplash