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Website and Web Application for Staithes Festival

Website and Web Application for Staithes Festival

I've worked closely with Staithes Festival in the past and was really pleased to be offered the opportunity to develop a bespoke online application system as well as revamping their website.

Please visit the site here: www.staithesfestival.com

The project comprised 2 distinct parts - briefly outlined below.

Bespoke Online Application System

The Committee wanted to provide a way to allow artists and caterers to apply for a position at the Festival online. They were open to suggestions as to how this could work, and exactly what functionality could be included.

I advised them on what could be achieved within their budget and timeframe and then developed the system which provides the following functionality:

  • User registration and account management
  • Ability to apply for the yearly Festival, within a timeframe designated by the system's administrators
  • Management of multiple applications per user
  • Online payments via Stripe (www.stripe.com)
  • Administrative access enabling the management, acceptance or rejection of applications
  • Export of application data as spreadsheet files for administrative purposes
  • Export of data to website (see below)

The system is based around the Perch content management system, and I used a Bootstrap theme for speed of development. The system has been well received by both artists and committee members, for whom is has vastly reduced their administrative workload in managing applications for the festival.

This is what the administrators dashboard looks like:

Staithes Festival Administrators Dashboard

Website Design and Development

The second part of the project was a new website containing all the information artists, caterers and visitors to the Festival would require.

I designed a series of bespoke templates for the site, much of which is managed via Perch.  Certain areas of the site are automatically populated with the information submitted by the artists via the application system described above. This ensures that the information is current and accurate, and greatly reduces the work the committee have previously undertaken in populating the website with the current year's artist information.

The website is responsive, ensurring all visitors get a good experience and can access all the information.

Here's the Artists page which draws data from the application system to populate the pages:

Staithes Festival Website

Client Comments

"The Staithes Festival of Arts & Heritage have worked with Jack since its inception five years ago. He has designed the Festival brochure and dealt patiently with us as we fumbled our way through the process in the early years.

"This year (2016) we commissioned Jack to design an online registration system and update our website, a job he did brilliantly. As well as being very personable, he worked quickly and efficiently to provide us with an easy-to-use system, tailored to our needs. He even supplied an instructional video to help artists/caterers through the system.  The updated website is attractive and easy to navigate and for the administrators, easy to manage.

"The new registration system has been an enormous time saver when dealing with some 100+ applications, so for the organisers, who are all volunteers, it’s been a life changer. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jack for taking the stress out of web design and technology."

Jill Turton - Festival Secretary