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This is a record of things I've done, thought or seen. Feel free to browse, read, consider. You might be able to apply some of these ideas in your organisation. If you want help with that, or are inspired to create something else, get in touch.


Packaging Design

Recently I've been designing packaging for various kinds of health products, including food supplement capsules, skin creams and herbal tea blends. We all know that how products are packaged can make a huge difference in terms of sales - and they can have a big impact on how customers perceive a …

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Logo Development for Nature's Laboratory

Nature's Laboratory Limited is the name of the company I work for. However, most of our customers know about us because of one of our brands: Herbal Apothecary BeeVital Propolis Sweet Cecily's Skincare Since joining the team at Nature's Laboratory back in 2021 I've wanted to help our customers …

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Pursue Performance

This time last year (September 2021), we were busy preparing to launch a long-awaited new website for BeeVital, our propolis brand . I was not responsible for building the website - an external agency had been hired to do the work long before I joined Nature's Laboratory. Once the site was launched …

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Increase Connectivity and Slash Your Phone Bill With VOIP

I've been using VOIP telephone services for over 15 years now - ever since I started my first job back in 2007. VOIP has been my telephone system of choice ever since. And, having used for all of that time, with minimal downtime, great pricing and excellent customer service, I had no …

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Setting Social Media and SEO Targets

I’m nearly 3 months into my new job at Nature’s Laboratory. It’s been a fairly hectic few weeks. Amongst other things we’ve organised and run and international conference. I’ve also built software to help manage payroll and holiday allowances and two other members of staff have joined the team. …

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An Announcement

This is a copy of an email sent to my current clients on Tuesday 13th April 2021: Hi, I have some important information I need to share with you so please read this email in full . I have kept it as short as possible. A couple of months ago I was offered the opportunity of joining the board of …

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WooCommerce Change Pricing Based on Custom Field

Here's a little snippet which may be useful if you need to adjust pricing in WooCommerce based on a custom field. In this instance, my client wanted to increase the price of items within a specific category of products for users who were either not signed into the website, or who were not being …

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Hide Specific Product Category in WooCommerce

I don't mind admitting I've avoided Wordpress like the plague for years. Mostly because, as a very junior developer, I was asked to fix a site which had been compromised. It was an absolute mess and it put me off using Wordpress for for the following decade. But, with new clients come new …

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Using Shopify Product Tags To Display Logos

I've been building a Shopify ecommerce website for a garden centre. The owners wanted to display certain logos alongside their products. There are any number of solutions for a problem like this. However, in this instance I wanted to make the process for adding the correct logos was as easy as …

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Taking Your Business Online During The COVID-19 Pandemic

This is not a sales pitch. I've spent 12 years trying to help small businesses, just like my own, thrive by providing websites, IT support, bespoke software and marketing ideas. Coronavirus looks set to cause a dramatic financial impact on top of the emotional turmoil which many are already …

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