Jack Barber Design & Technology

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Design and Technology Services to Support Your Business

I provide a range of closely associated design and technology services.

My aim is to ensure that good design and technological expertise is accessible to as many businesses as possible. By keeping everything under one roof I can simplify your life and give you peace of mind, freeing you to get on with running your business.

I've described each of my core services below, please contact me to find out more.


From websites, graphics and branding to electronic systems and products, my work spans a broad spectrum of design disciplines.

Working closely with my clients, my aim is always to provide the most effective and efficient solution.


I am just as comfortable programming bespoke software, setting up content management systems and providing technical solutions.

Proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript for front-end applications, and PHP/MySQL for dynamic applications.


Creating content for your website or printed marketing materials can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

I assist my clients by providing copywriting and photography services, ensuring we can get their message across clearly and simply.


How do you get found online? By ensuring your website is well built, professionally maintained and regularly updated with well-written content.

I provide my clients with plenty of practical support and advice so they can maximise their exposure.

Bytemark Hosting in York
Bytemark Hosting in York
Bytemark Hosting in York
Bytemark Hosting in York

Website Hosting

I offer reliable & secure hosting on a dedicated server, managed by Bytemark and located at their data centre in York.

Their excellent 24/7 support and knowledgable staff ensure we're all in safe hands.

Technical Support

Need some help updating your website? Require assistance in setting up a new email account?

I provide extensive technical support during office hours to ensure my clients have all the help they need.


Whether your question is from a design or a technical perspective please feel free to get in touch.

I'm happy to discuss possible solutions and give ideas and direction for your project.

Hardware & Software

There's no 'one size fits all' solution - but I'm happy to assist with no-nonsense suggestions and support.

Technology should be enabling you to achieve more - let me help by steering you in the right direction.

Bytemark Hosting in York
Bytemark Hosting in York
Bytemark Hosting in York
Bytemark Hosting in York

Specialists, Services & Products I Recommend

Ceri Oakes


Ceri is a professional photographer living and working in the Whitby area. She's available for weddings, PR and commercial shoots, portraits and lifestyle photography.


Phil Prudom

IT Support

Phil has been providing IT support services in the Whitby area for around 10 years. If you've got an issue with your IT (including WiFi, laptops, PCs, tablets and CCTV) give him a call.



Website Hosting

If you're one of my clients, your website is hosted with Bytemark. If not, your website should probably be hosted with Bytemark. They're great - innovative and helpful with great products and service.



Content Management System

I use Perch as a content management platform for most of the websites and applications I develop these days. It's so flexible and easy to use and with great add-ons there's not much it can't do.



Social Media Scheduling



Simple Invoicing Software



Cross-Platform Browser Testing


James Lawrie

Freelance Linux Sysadmin

James proved himself to be a incredibly knowledgeable and competent sysadmin when I moved my hosting platform to Bytemark. He ensured the transition was as smooth as possible and continued to provide me with excellent technical support. He’s now gone freelance and available for hire!