Logo Development for Nature's Laboratory

Nature's Laboratory Limited is the name of the company I work for. However, most of our customers know about us because of one of our brands:

Since joining the team at Nature's Laboratory back in 2021 I've wanted to help our customers better understand the relationship between our legal company name, the brands we operate and the other projects we're involved in.

The original logo for Nature's Laboratory now looks tired. A generic green 'swoop' around the business name. It doesn't really represent who we are or what we do.

I don't consider myself a particularly proficient logo designer. However, I was determined to try and create something which better reflects our company, our brands and our aspirations.

Design Concepts

Here are a few of the design concepts I came up with. We're a natural health company, we produce herbal medicines from plants as well as bee medicines and natural skincare. We have a strong research focus, with our own in-house R&D lab and strong connections with research facilities around the globe. We're also trying to operate our business in a way which reflects a holistic view of healthy organisations - something we call 'Threes Company'. I was aiming to include as many of these concepts as possible, without creating something too busy.

Concept Development

The design above was the one which my colleagues and I agreed had the most potential. I took this design and refined it further, it contains the following elements:

  • 3 leaves, representing our three-dimensional approach
  • A test tube, signifying our research and product development capacity
  • Embracing arms, at the top of the test tube, a subtle reference to community and working together
  • Honeycomb hexagons, reflecting our specialist area of bee medicines and propolis

Below you can see the logo, in a variety of forms and paired with colours which also reflect the nature of our business and our coastal and countryside location.

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